Just like with our 20mm and .50 Caliber Bottle Openers, our customized tap handles are 100% made in America from legit once-fired ammunition casings.
Offered in .50 Caliber (5.5" tall), 20mm (7" tall), and 30mm (11.5" tall) sizes, they're available with custom engraving and will thread onto any standard American beer tap.
Our custom beer tap handles ship for FREE in the USA and are available with engraving, so you can have each one marked for the type of beer you've got in your kegerator.
Interested in buying a bunch for your brewery or taproom? Give us a call at 512.852.8208 and we can discuss wholesale pricing.

A customized beer tap handle -- or a set of them -- is a sure way to make your kegerator or home bar stand out from the crowd. Aside from impressing your friends by having personalized tap handles marked with Steve's Brew or Bob's Beer, if you're lucky enough to have a keezer with multiple kegs at one time you'd benefit quite a bit from marking each tap with the type of beer running through it. With our unique tap handles you could keep things simple and use a black tap handle to signify a dark beer like a stout or porter, and a brass one to mark the tap for something lighter in color like a pale ale or lager. Or you could have each handle engraved with the type of beer -- STOUT, IPA, WEE HEAVY, DOUBLE IPA -- that you've currently got pouring. 

All our tap handles feature 3/8"-16 UNC threading which is the standard size for American beer taps.